Engine: Propelling the Creative Community October 2018 curated by Deborah Whitney Drawing I: The Every Day featuring works by Terrence Brett, Sabrina Small, Brian Lynch, Paul Ridyard, Alex Sax, Nicola Saunderson, Tanja Kunz, Melinda Barnes, Judith Allen-Efstathiou, and Deborah Whitney. Curator Deborah Whitney explains, “The Everyday is a collection of works, some made with traditional materials and some not, with subject matter and concepts that are familiar to us, perhaps even surround us, yet are presented in a more compelling way. Thinking about this notion of the everyday, I am incorporating that familiarity with the elements which drawing may convey–beauty, functionality, irony–with an emphasis on economy and simplicity.”
Jan 2017 A drawing show at CTN Gallery in Portland Maine, curated by Deborah Whitney
Gallery in Portland, Maine and Greenport, NY Deborah and Peter Whitney, Directors Maine 2003-2011 New York 1999-2003