Drawing I: The Everyday
Engine, Biddeford ME, October 2018

Drawing II: The Other Day
Engine, Biddeford ME, November 2018

Lines of Thought
CTN Gallery, Portland ME, January 2017

Product: A Temporal Artist Marketplace
A Capital Affair for Everyone! 

Simple Complexities
Like a Hemingway story. It's that good!
12.3.10 - 12.22.10 

I'm Just Sayin/I know Right?
Oct 1st - Nov 20th 

New Photographs
September 3 - 25 

Assembled Thoughts
August 6 - 28 

Catherine Lo and Debra Yoo at Walker Terrace
Summer 2010 

Muster - new work by Christopher Pennock
New work by New York based artist Christopher Pennock 

Lisa Pixley, Justin Richel, Andy Rosen, and Ed Smith
July 1 - 31 

Randy Regier
Extended in the Back Gallery through June 26th 

Distant Places/Northern Lives
Debra Yoo and Catherine Lo
Visions from the 46th parallel
April 2 - May 1 

Here and There
New Work from Judith Allen-Efstathiou
February 5 - March 27, 2010 

Encore! Blue Hammer!
A Reprisal of the SOLD-OUT performance from 2009!
January 12, 2010 

DUAL SITE: A Psychogeographic Dinner Theater
January 2010 

Cliff Baldwin at Walker Terrace
these retro-future high-gloss forms crunch, wobble, whistle and whir simultaneously... 

December 2009
December 3 - 23 

Fresh Paint
November 4 - November 28
Painting is a means of feeling "living". Painting is the only art form except still photography which is without time. Music takes time to listen to and ends, writing takes time and ends, movies end, ideas and even sculpture take time. Painting does not. It never ends, it is the only thing that is both continuous and still.
-Joan Mitchell

Home Work
October 2 - 31, 2009
Allison Cooke Brown, Zoë Sheehan Saldaña, Sage Lewis, and Alex Sax
This ain't no stitch 'n bitch... Four artists use fiber crafts to explore influences both historical and contemporary. 

Eirene Efstathiou: No Direction Home + Bennett Morris: Part Seen Imagined Part
September 2 - 26, 2009
Eirene Efstathiou and Bennett Morris are interested in the epic spectacle of society and its ongoing deterioration. Each examines un-identified events with enormous collective meaning, futuristic or historical, apocalyptic or revolutionary, in a way that capitalizes on the limits and dilapidation of reality and perception. 

"Thread" by Rebecca FitzPatrick and "Multiples" by Owen F. Smith
Two artists engaged in a miniature, quiet revolution against normalcy. 
August 5 - 29 

New Work- William Roy Dawes, Ling-Wen Tsai, Mark Wethli 
July stands for Joy at Whitney Art Works. In fact, we'd like to challenge you with it. (Joy that is). 

Whitney Art Works at the University of New England
Ten Portland galleries curate their finest mini-exhibits in "The Business of Art" at the University of New England. The show will be supplemented by educational events discussing how the art scene continues to thrive in Maine. Be dazzled by the scope, innovation, and beauty of the "drawings" by a group of our favorite artists. An affirmation of the vitality and variety of the arts scene in Portland!
June 17 � September 2 

Aaron T Stephan - Taken Out of Context
Whitney Art Works is pleased to announce another blockbuster from Aaron T Stephan.
With his usual mix of humor, and beauty, new work by
Aaron T Stephan will inhabit Whitney Art Works for the month of June.
Working with plaster, steel, plastic, and wood, Stephan tweaks notions of art history and geography. Both monumental and minuscule, these sculptures reference the sublime while playing with scale and are produced with remarkable craft.

June 3rd - 27th 
Artist Talk by Jaime Gili
Gili's work is an invigorating lens, a personable sheen that offers its glossiness to society and activates the urban. It contains the slick, hopeful zing of Futurism or Rayonnism and brims with a romantic wish for the world that is conversely anachronistic and fresh.
1 pm at Whitney Art Works
May 9 

Irene Stapleford at Walker Terrace
"Everyday objects re-imagined or familiar nursery rhymes re-cast invoke a daydreamy surreality." 
May 2009

Five dynamic artists build, bend, fracture and layer.
May 8th - 30th 

BLUE HAMMER: A Trans-Historical-Post-Colonial-Dinner-Theatre-Burlesque: 
Leon Johnson + Creative Material Group Invites You To Dinner
April 30, May 01-02 

Considerable Thinking
A thoughtful exhibition in which three contemporary artists wrangle personal and historical concepts by producing beautiful and formal works on paper, sculpture, and paintings. This show is a lesson in observation and the special personalization which art can portray of elements that are familiar to us all.
April 3rd - 25th 

Like falling down a rabbit hole, where Alice swims about in her own tears, and learns that the lobsters she very much likes to eat dance wild quadrilles across the sea, Wonderland presents a vibrant fantasy darkly tinged with the consequence of being human.
March 4th - 28th 

Deborah Randall at Walker Terrace
"As a child I spent countless hours at the beach digging deep holes in the sand desperate to reach China by nightfall." 

Project 00018: What is "Debate" in French? and The Portland Paper Project
A series of 3 performances by chsitophermichaelsullivan, and an exhibition of selected works from the WAW Portland Paper Project 

A vivacious collection of artwork by Whitney Art Works artists. 
2009 Exhibition Schedule

TREED | New work by Jeff Badger
A rollicking collection of seasick arboreal mariners. 

The New Recyclists
A celebration of re-use by Pam Brown, Rose Marasco, Dan Dowd and Crystal Cawley 

Whistlejacket II at Walker Terrace
Presently my painting process is influenced by my interest in 18th and 19th century English painting... 

Michael Alderson & Stephen Benenson
A figurative show intelligence and wit... 

New Works by Sean Foley and Yeshe Parks
an explosion of color and whimsy 

Blackwork Lovers
Martha Miller at Walker Terrace 


Arc of Visibility: Between the Shore and the Sea
Works by Wendy Prellwitz and Michael Torlen 

(sub)urban: works by Richard Hutchins & Brian Lynch
Oil paintings by Richard Hutchins and works on paper by Brian Lynch. 

Rebecca FitzPatrick at Walker Terrace. 

In Bloom
Photography by Robert Diamante, Geoffrey Leven and Shoshannah White 

Matt Cote & Justin Richel
Two solo exhibitions by colorful Maine artists. 

The Diptych Project
A collaboration between members of New England Wax and International Encaustic Artists. 

Genius Loci
works by Nathan Eldridge, Matthew Robbins and John McNeil 

Take Off Your Shoes, But Not Your Socks
Patrick O'Rorke at Walker Terrace 

Shot CMS
January 21 - 26, 2007
Reception and Artist Talk January 25 5-8pm 

Barak Levi Olins - Tools of the Banal
Firing across associative junctions that link bread to the body, utensils to weapons, and his own baking oven to the crematoria of the Holocaust, Olins’ work is at once visceral, poetic and neuralgic. 

Aaron T Stephan -- The Problem with Ladders
I spent a large part of the last year collecting over 15,000 books... 

Wax features eleven artists who work in the medium, but push its artistic limits beyond its common identity as a sticky sibling to oil... 

Intelligent Design
With a wild assortment of sculpture, drawing, fibers, and prints featuring everything from coffee lids to dinosaurs, Intelligent Design is a fresh blast of spring air sweetened with the pollen of creative exuberance. 

The Other Biennial at the Whitney at 492 Congress
A second opportunity to view the work of five artists currently presenting work in the Portland Museum of Art Biennial...at Whitney Art Works at 492 Congress 

Sam van Aken: New Transmitters for the Same Old Stupidities at 45 York 
New sculpture, sound, photography and installation, including an operational replica of an Irish pub set in the back of an inconspicuous utility trailer...at Whitney Art Works at 45 York 

Charlie Hewitt at 492 Congress Street
hearts, ropes, chains, hammers, and dice...an explosion of iconography 

Three artists who use traditional modes of still life to explore contemporary issues. 

The Holiday Mixer
The Holiday Mixer- A Mightly Salon Show
featuring the work of 42 artists 

Whitney Art Works at 492 Congress 
A group show full of flowers, plants, a garage, and a gold garbage can.... 

Words are Deeds: Cliff Baldwin and Patrick O'Rorke at 45 York Street
...these retro-future high-gloss forms crunch, wobble, whistle and whir simultaneously.... 

Material Matters
With expertise in traditional techniques of needlepoint, paper making, sewing, and drawing, these artists manipulate materials into works that defy easy explanation. 


Jeff Badger 'I Got A Right' with drawings by Kevin Oster and Melinda Barnes
I Got a Right" is a humorous look at the transience of identity. Also on view, drawings by Melinda Barnes and Kevin Oster. 

Henry Wolyniec and Melanie Essex
Collage and Paintings